The Modular Difference

built to last

Not only are modular homes built with the same material as traditional built houses, but with 20%-30% more material than traditional homes due to the fact that they have to withstand transportation from the factory to your home-site.

Cost Efficent

Modular homes are built in a factory. This eliminates most delays that traditional houses face such as bad weather, theft, or vandalism. This drastically cuts down the construction time and shorter construction time allows for lower costs that you, as the Home Buyer get to take advantage of.

a modern solution

A modular is a residential house that uses the best site-built construction practices and material with the advantage of being built in a controlled, indoor facility until about 80% completion. Once constructed, it's then transported to your site, installed on a permanent foundation, and fully finished. A Modular will appraise, appreciate, and remain stable consistent with a site-built house.

piece of mind

Not only are modular homes cost efficient, they also require less site work than traditional building. This creates less stress on the environment, neighbors and your own sanity.

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